Wow - Yes. All of it.

This piece is incredible. Thank you so much. As a writer and protestor/agitator/activist, I spend pretty much all my time contemplating the two sides of the struggle we're in right now - there's the ground game (what we "crazy radical leftists" actually do when it's time to pop off), and the media/public perception game (how the country digests and understands what we do).

OBVIOUSLY, the media game is roadblocked like a MFer by white folks telling us we need to be more like Dr. King. Your piece elaborates on that so well.

It also reminds me of a line in a piece of mine, roughly saying, "the American public knows that [purely peaceful protests] will do nothing to change our society, except marginally relax suburban white folks' fear of a real Black revolution."

Im really f'in tired of white people (a lot of them while they're at the protests) getting on their high horse and acting like they have a damn clue about "the right way to do things". I really think it's just a desperate attempt to evade the alternative - a real and necessary Black revolution.