That privilege was used to viscously assault DC natives and anti-fascist/anti-racist demonstrators last night in view of police officers on overtime. Magats came to DC with the express purpose of intimidating the people that REALLY protect and serve their community.

Three of my comrades were stabbed last night. Street medics stabilized one while fleeing from advancing police officers and Proud fuck boys alike. Two were sent to hospitals in critical condition.

Police pulled back to watch a hoard of Trump-flu infected fascists attack individuals that have been working non-stop for six months to protect and stand for Black lives. For Black women, for the Trans community, for DC’s unhoused comrades, and — in fact — for ALL underserved lives in our city.

The organizers that DC sees marching every week, hosting mutual aid events across the city, risking state-sanctioned persecution every day as they demand the changes necessary to disrupt the brutal injustice of America— they are the ones you see standing their ground against armed fascists and the depravity of white desperation.

I was there. MPD willfully allowed this attack to happen. And that is white fucking privilege.

Fuck 12. Fuck white supremacy. And fuck all the well-intentioned Americans that will never see, hear, or care about this because they’re too busy toasting to Joe Biden’s election.