Radical activist of color working to thrive & imagine a better world. I hope we can grow through honest exchange & fearless reflection. Black Lives Matter


  • Kristina Jurecic

    Kristina Jurecic

  • Johnny Silvercloud

    Johnny Silvercloud

    The analytical street photographer who exists to fight against racism, sexism, and fascism. U.S. Army vet. Writer. Speaker. Twitter: @johnnysilverclo

  • Phi pit

    Phi pit

    Elegance is the only beauty that never fades … Only the best get crowned ♛ ZTA

  • Quan Tracy Cherry

    Quan Tracy Cherry

    Full Time Spiritualist used by Astrological, tarot, I Ching & numbers. Living & studying our culture to inspire joy & love

  • J. Lovemore

    J. Lovemore

    A regular black dude with a lot to say. My words can be seen on The Atlanta Voice and Blavity. Writing a debut novel. IG: @vision_if_success/Twitter: @wealth_96

  • Carlos Gavilanes Hernandez

    Carlos Gavilanes Hernandez

    Autistic+Neurodivergent♾️/Mexican Bilingual BIPOC. Always researching and never going to stop researching 'cause knowledge is power, man!

  • Howland Crowe

    Howland Crowe

    An autistic perspective on prejudice, art, and society. Writer. Activist. Pun-lover. Twitter: @CroweHowland Facebook: Howland Crowe

  • Valerie J. Alexander, Ph.D.

    Valerie J. Alexander, Ph.D.

    Political scientist/sociologist by training. I write about political events or racism mostly. Linktree: https://linktr.ee/valexander Twitter: @Alexander247_9

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