Alto, your support means a lot to me and thank you so much for reading.

I’m new to Medium and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But your response is validating and I appreciate you taking the time. I’m glad you can relate to my point of view and I think you should be proud of that history, despite the adversity I imagine you had to endure.

I think the struggles for racial justice and LGBTQ liberation are still deeply related. Especially in my hometown of DC, where trans, non-binary, and queer activists of color have been leaders on the front lines since day one.

Groups like No Justice No Pride and They/Them Collective have been tirelessly organizing actions here. Throwing an impromptu ball against a police line in front of mayor Muriel Bowser’s house was definitely one of my favorite acts of disobedience over the last few months, and it was all NJNP.

Although, I have to say, even that demonstration feels like it fell on deaf ears. I hope there will be more lighthearted moments of protest going forward. But, as things seem to escalate, I worry that they’ll be harder to find.

In any case, the fight goes on. And I’m glad to know you’re with us.

Radical activist of color working to thrive & imagine a better world. I hope we can grow through honest exchange & fearless reflection. Black Lives Matter

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