Radical activist of color working to thrive & imagine a better world. I hope we can grow through honest exchange & fearless reflection. Black Lives Matter

Where were you?

A firework ignites at a restaurant table occupied by Trump supporters at BLM Plaza. Nov14th, 2020 (Erin Scott/Reuters)

The worst part about fighting for justice is the feeling that you’re screaming into a void.

This Sunday (11/29/20) marks six months since the new uprising for racial justice began in Washington DC — Six months that I’ve been in the streets, putting my body in harm’s way to take…

The chances of legitimate Black liberation are low. So what the fuck have I been fighting for?


Powerful as it is, this photograph should break your hearts.

Inspiring as Black heroine-radicals have always been, you should know that a Black fist in the air — from age zero and onward — is an image of fierce political resolve.

It is a threat to a global system. It’s…


Proud Boys marching into Freedom Plaza. | 12 Dec 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Last month, thousands of Trump fanatics came to DC to rally for their dejected leader. Three activists were stabbed by Trump supporters. The country didn’t bat an eye.

On December 12th, Proud Boys, conspiracy theorists, and thousands more conservative sore-losers returned to Washington to defend the president’s lies about election…

If you’re on the right side of history, you can no longer deny that you need us

Black woman fighting oppression by police, 1963. | Photography Credit: Dick DeMarsico

These are America’s crossroads. If you are anxious about next week, this is why.

The country’s path will not be decided in a single day or a single night, perhaps it will not be clear for weeks. Even in the event that the “decent” Americans are holding their breath for…

The Federal Government extrajudicially killed a white man that believed in Black liberation.

Video credit: Vice News

Generally, I’m not inclined to sympathize with deadly white gun-toting vigilantes.

Rittenhouse and the growing bastion of Trump-style fascists aside, the prospect of a 48-year-old white soldier ally, with an unspecified military background and a big-ass Black Power fist tattooed on his neck, raises A LOT…

Donald Trump has COVID-19, and Joe Biden needs to fight right now

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) as the 2020 presidential candidate. Photogrpahy Credit: Brendan McDermid | Reuters

Show of hands: Who else is surprised at themselves for not picturing the president’s predicament sooner? Who was caught believing that the rules of engagement would apply between Nature and today’s white American royalty?

For some reason, I thought so.

I guess I thought he was just too rich. Too…

I’m 24 years old, and I’m preparing to console the second of my closest friends who may lose a parent

Oliver Contreras/The New York Times

And I do not expect them to be the last...

I cannot pretend to imagine the pain of losing a mother or father. But I have been the ‘rock’ for others through this tragedy, and that has its own costs.

Both my parents have so far survived the danger of…

A Critical Reflection from an Unapologetic DC Protestor

(Photo by Jarrad Henderson/USA Today)

Last Sunday, I got in trouble again.


The last three and a half months have found me in a lot of that.

From seizing barricades at the riot line to heated and mishandled arguments with former friends.

From standing my ground beneath the fierce downdraft of a military helicopter…

Abby Shab

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